• At EMC Pakistan Pvt, protecting the Environment is the foremost responsibility of our employees.
  • We use energy and resources efficiently and prevent generation of wastes while providing our activities and services. This encourages our employees to be environmentally responsible on the job and at home. Health & safety of our employees are equally important while working & performing duties.
  • We recognize the contribution we make to the society, and will incorporate sustainable development thinking into all our activities. We shall propagate this policy among all our interested parties.
  • Our recognition and acceptance of these responsibilities will be demonstrated by our commitment to:
  • Reducing environmental nuisance and preventing pollution risk related to our activities;
  • Complying with our regulatory, legislative, contractual or other obligations, and anticipating them whenever possible;
  • Continually improve our integrated management systems by reviewing objectives, conducting audits and management reviews under International standards;
  • Seeking to satisfy our customers fully by constantly adapting our services to their current needs and future requirements;
  • Guaranteeing that all employees and subcontractors are trained in accordance with their roles and the work they undertake;
  • Ensuring Prevention of injury & ill health at all workplaces for safety of our employees and our subcontractors by systematically identifying potential risks and applying the appropriate prevention measures.

September 22, 2014 Syed Nadeem Arif

EMC Pakistan Pvt.