Urban Development

Never before have cities been so important to human development. With urban growth having reached an historic tipping point – for the first time more than half the world’s population is city-based – the need for comprehensive urban planning, effective management of municipal services and finances, alleviation of poverty, and environmental protection is greater than ever before (World Bank).

Increased awareness of the risks of climate change to cities has led to a detailed analysis of the urban sources of greenhouse gas emissions and search for tools to reduce them. It is often assumed that saving energy is primarily a technological challenge. It is, however, highly dependent on human behavior which can be influenced by solutions regarding infrastructure and services.

Worldwide, roughly 40 per cent of all energy produced is consumed in buildings, which translates to about 30 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions. The 4th assessment report (2007) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) compared the emission reduction potential of various sectors with the costs of implementing the measures. The comparison made it clear that the buildings are “low-hanging fruits”, where the huge emission-savings potential is the cheapest to implement.

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